Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Drawstring Bags- Knitting and Crochet Project Bags

I love mixing and matching fabrics, and I have plenty  on hand to choose from.(too many-time for Spring cleaning!)
I also have lots of ribbons/cords/trim to use, and thought I'd make up some drawstring bags for -well I think they'd make great knitting and crochet project bags myself, but of course they could be used for other things.

 This bag is sort of an enlarged version of a gift card holder tutorial I made awhile back.You can find it here.
I did modify it a bit-besides the size of course ; )
shot cotton lining

vintage doily applique
 This one was more of a practice bag (see below)-I ended up placing the fabric sideways though that doesn't bother me too much, amazingly. However, I did try to rearrange the channel for the cord different ways, several times, and so it ended up being a 'for me' bag....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Reusable Gift Bags and 'French' Pouches

I love making these reusable gift bag/totes.

I've been hoarding this fabric panel from Red Rooster fabrics for awhile now. I thought it would make a nice reusable 'gift bag'.(other fabrics by American Jane)

Once given, the recipient can use it again as a gift bag, or just use it for whatever little projects -snack, paperback -small lightweight goodies they like : ) I use mine for toting around my knitting and crochet projects.The size is based on a paper shopping bag like you get at the store. I always save mine and thought a fabric version would be so much nicer-and sturdier!

While working on another project my eye caught these prints lying together on my worktable. I stopped the project I was working on to make this:


I'm not sure which side is the front or the back actually. Whichever way you like. I added some crochet trim in grey to one of the sides. These are a nice size for makeup or little goodies-I keep my knitting/crocheting notions in mine...

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