Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Inspiration

Sometimes all it takes after a dry spell of limited inspiration, is to go and scope out the stores you used to frequent...

I have been having a hard time finding the time and creative spark to do much more than knit lately. That is not a bad thing of course-I'm speaking sewing wise.

A few of my local favorite shops have not had a visit from me in recent months, so I went down and checked them out. I fell in love with the fabric line by Teagan White and Birch fabrics

The colors are perfect:dark teal, golden mustard, burnt orange, and bubblegum pink!

this one has a vintage pink button in the top corner and some embroidery stitching details.

 I just love the drawings of the girl, and little woodland creatures.

 I also found that this print by Bari j, went well with it. These are from Art Gallery Fabrics. I often get complimented on my choice of fabric combinations-for these, I honestly, initially thought they were from the same line, but soon realized they were not even from the same company. Lol.

embroidery details and a French acorn button on the top corner : )

This one needed some lace crochet trim I'd been hoarding for -ever ; )

I think the top bag would make a perfect 'on the go' project bag.  Toss in a circular knitting needle and small ball of yarn or maybe a crochet hook and other needlework notions, or a sketchbook and pens?

Both would be great of course for that or, possibly one's acorn collection?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Relisting for Holidays

I have been slowly relisting things for the holiday rush.

Recently added~ ~~
some crochet hook organizers:
All of these are available
all of these are currently listed:

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