Friday, August 22, 2014

Dream Projects

What are your dream projects~ Your favorite projects to work on? The ones you never get tired of making -even if no one else likes them?

If I could choose anything to work on every day, I'd pick smaller bags, or some sort of accessory... I could make these all day. 
I love small 'canvases' where I can choose embellishments like this scrap of vintage lace trim and maybe some buttons and mix up the fabrics...

This time around I also 'free style embroidered'(is that a term?lol) around the minty flower centers. I think of it as 'boho eclectic'...

As you can see, this one is just big enough for a larger phone-or what my kids jokingly call 'my tablet'.lol

can you see some of the embroidery around the minty sections, here? It's been stormy and dark out so it's hard for me to get a good closeup.

I like bags this size for all of the errands I run-now that its back to school time, I feel like I am always hopping in and out of the car or on an errand run -I always want a bag I can just grab and go with-so these are perfect for that-Speaking of back to school-don't forget about my coupon code for the shop, you can take 10 % off anything with code:
BACKTOSCHOOL14 until Monday : )

amy butler upholstery weight minty fabric
vintage lace from my personal collection : )

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School....Coupon Code

...for us that's in just a few days. Back to school that is...For you, the coupon code is right now ; )
Just in time for the 'new year'...
Take 10% off anything in the shop with coupon code:

You can find things like this kitschy kitten zipper pouch-nice for pencils and the like...

A little snap coin purse/card wallet-hold your lunch money?

A Denyse Schmidt boxy pencil pouch perhaps?

P.S-code expires Monday the 25th of August

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