Friday, November 2, 2012

I thought I would be able to write a blog post about my new squirrel camera case, and get some computer work done, then sew some more, but as I write,
I've just found out I need to buy a condolence card for the 2nd time this week :(
An aunt-in-law overseas passed away earlier this week.It was not totally unexpected.She was older and had been in bad health. 
And now, I've just learned a friend I haven't seen in awhile, has just passed.Unexpectedly.I had just been thinking about her today and how everything about her was always perfect and happy. She will be missed.They both will.

I think I need to take the rest of the day off.
I'll be back with happier things to talk about.



kt40s said...

andrea, i am so sorry to hear about your recent losses of people you care about. take care of yourself!
xo katy

koralee said...

So sad to hear about your makes for a very hard week.
Got your sweet little headband in the mail...LOVE it..tucked away for Christmas..not sure which daughter will get it yet. xoxo Hugs

andrea creates said...

Thanks ladies,I appreciate your kind words... :)

Glad to hear you got, and love your headband Koralee!!

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