Friday, November 28, 2008

Background colors, done. Now to choose one

It helps to have a brother who is a computer genius and knows how to do such things . I think by now his hands have become permanently attached to the keyboard. Being a million years younger than myself helps, I'm sure he doesn't even remember a time without the internet. He's shown me a few tricks here and there that I' m glad I learned.

Anyway, over turkey last night he showed me a quick way to change the background color on the blog. Just one of many things I've asked about because as far as I've been able to understand the basic template stuff here on blogger only gives you a limited amount of pre-picked colors to work with. I might be wrong.

I actually have plans for a patterned background one day but have yet to decide which one. He'll have to show me how to do that 'tile work' when the day comes.... Meanwhile I think this color change is a nice change.

I am not a computer genius and have to learn things in a ''for dummies'' kind of way. Or even better, in a show me so I don't have to read the instructions way. Instructions and I-forget it. I'm illiterate when it comes to them.

I went to 'layout', then edit html, and scrolled down within the 'edit template' blabla til I got to this:
body { background:#------
That's where I changed the color! I played with it for about half an hour randomly filling in any number and letter and clicking back and forth with 'preview' and 'save template' til I remembered I could look for html color codes online. (Ahem, clears throat). I used this site:


Please don't try this technique unless you wish to do so at your own risk. I'm not sure what could happen if you do without clicking 'save template' or 'preview' in a small window like I did for each color change. For all I know you could lose your whole blog??:(
Also this is only for 'blogger' users .

Do you know how to change the background colors-or am I the last one to know ?

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