Monday, January 19, 2009


This is how we spent our day.
I always think I am going to get something done when the girls are home (laughs to self)
Instead I made 2 pillows for my daughter.
She loves Domo.

I like how the standard case turned out. I did a lot of practicing with my new machine.(Note the stars stitched near the opening).
Don't mind the wrinkly-ness.(Or her manicure).
She loves them.
She also wants me to stitch "Domo" on the side.
Tomorrow I'll try and get pictures of the coffee/tea sleeves I managed to make yesterday. Just in time for Valentine's Day. And maybe make a banner !

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Sonia said...

Hi Andrea !
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog ! :) And for reading it of course ! How possible that you used to live in Chessy ? Did you work for/in Disneyland ?
Gosh I hope I'll have a good creative corner of my own where we'll be moving next summer. (fingers crossed !)
Please do stop by again anytime ! I'll return the visit :)
Have a great day ! *Ü*

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