Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New banner coming soon?

Well as you can see I put my old banner away in hopes of creating a new one and can't quite seem to remember how to do it. I haven't done much creatively on the computer lately and so I forget.
The pinks in the old banner didn't go with the blue background, but now I'm not sure I want to keep the blue. (I'm the one that has repainted the living room 4 times in ten years. As soon as the paint is dry, my mind has already changed a few times). I want to spruce up the blog with new colors and goodies I have in mind for the new year. Resolutions resolutions.

My brother-the same one who helped me figure out how to change the background colors, offered to help. He has photoshop or something more/better (skills) than me so I might have to take him up on his offer.

Well, I have to go untrim the tree. It's always so depressing to take down Christmas. I'd better get moving 'cause we're going to Disneyland this afternoon!
I don't have any newish pictures uploaded so the one above is a crazy red on red shot of the flannel scottie dog pillow I made for my aunt and uncles sofa. They have a matching real live scottie. The pillow has a satin eyelet edged ribbon on it so it looks like a package.It turned out very nice I think. Don't mind the stripey background.

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