Saturday, January 24, 2009

O.k, so I'll bet every time you come back here the blog looks different!? It does.
I know it's important to be consistent with blogs and shop pictures and all but I like to change things up from time to time. If you've been reading my blog awhile, you'll know I'm the one who while still applying the fresh coat of paint to the walls is already pondering the next color!
Color, one of my favorite things.
Yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day figuring out how to eliminate the border from the banner so it would look like it fit. It seems that just one pixel up or down made it either too big or too small for the frame and that bothered me, so I got rid of it altogether.
Then I set about eliminating the frames from all of the pictures in the posts as well. Maybe I should put them back and make them a different color? Since I really have no experience with all of this I suspect some day the whole blog will accidentally disappear with one click of the backspace key.
And I did all of this without asking my brother for help. (Pats self on back). There is one more thing I tried and tried to do but couldn't seem to make it work so I will have to ask him about that.
It's so funny because I hate to change things around in my personal life. I like routine. I think this comes from moving a lot when I was a kid.
Maybe my artistic life is where I allow myself that freedom without worry and stress.


Sonia said...

Hi Andrea ! :)
Thanks for stopping by ! :) Oh yes, the banner looks great & so does the blog !
Annette's Dinner is still our fave, they serve the best burgers & milkshakes in the country ! LOL
Have a great week ahead !! Regards

rachellucie said...

hi there only just found I had some comments! I've got a lot to learn! thanks for yours, your banner is fab, well done you Rach x said...

Thanks for your nice comment, and your blog is looking good. If you would add the option for people to follow your blog I would love to follow along.

Thanks and stop in any time.

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