Thursday, February 5, 2009

Magazines, shops and gadgets

I had another post almost ready to go about a week ago but never got around to finishing it, there has been so much going on lately I just never had the time.So I think I'll go through it and see what I said then...

I received in the mail, a notice telling me they were cancelling the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazine. I was a subscriber from the very first issue. This is/was one of my very favorite magazines and I'm really sad it is coming to an end. I especially loved the Artist's Studios articles.This recession is depression.
Here's a little info from her site i just found:
Years ago my family and I went to see her at a signing when she was opening up a few of her retail stores here in Southern California.We purchased a few things to have her autograph and as people left and the line died down we went around and around over and over and even had her sign things we brought with us -calendars, ornaments etc...I had cross-stitched a Christmas stocking of hers for my husband (no children then), and she signed the back of it for me. So nice. I 'm certain she was tired of looking at us by the end of that day!!
I wanted to make needlepoint stockings for my girls when they were born as my mom had done for us kids, but never found any I liked, and never any more of hers. Some day.

In other news...
I added a few new things to my shop-a headband which I will find hard to part with

I used one of my facorite Japanese prints, and some matching buttons. I love the combination of the green and orange.The perfectionist in me redid the yo-yo's a kazillion times til they were right. It was my first attempt with the makers.
I have the heart shaped yo-yo maker too but haven't got them right yet. Still working on it!

Also added a new necklace my daughter made:

She sold the last one and received a great review. We're so proud of her. She saves some of her proceeds and uses the rest to purchase more supplies. Good plan right?

I also helped my sister set up her shop the other day. It took hours and hours and it's still not complete, but she makes the nicest headbands and earrings she'd love it if you took a look...

She used seashells and feathers for these:

Oh, and I just added a new gadget to the right over there in the sidebar. It seems I had a few followers- and learned I could make an actual gadget for the sidebar so people could see them. I'm a little slow in the tech. department. Anyway I'd love it if you'd like to follow my blog , just click on the link over there. That way I can check out your blogs too

O.k, now I think that's about it. I got my "Where women create" and "Artful Blogging" issues at Joann today using some of my coupons! Gonna go read now.Take care.

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