Monday, March 2, 2009

Eiffel Tower and Little Red Riding Hood

O.k I did it. I think I got the technique down. At least one that works for me and I'm happy with for now.The zipper ends are all nice and neat. Or neater than most of the time.
The first pouch is made from a Japanese woven cotton fabric with chocolaty brown, pine and olive greens. I tried to imitate the dashed line left by the birds in the print with the wavy top stitching. I'm having a little too much fun with the different stitch patterns I can do on this machine. Trying them all out:)

I'm also working on the next one, a Little Red Riding Hood pouch. Sorry for the bad picture .It's the only one that didn't turn out blurry. It too is a Japanese woven fabric with shades of peach, mustard yellow, red, light blue and brown.Who would have thought those colors would look good together?I always like surprising color combinations.
Notice the floral top stitching ? This is what the pouch looks like
before the lining and zipper are in completely.

I promise Little Red is on there, on the other side.I think all you can see from here, if you look carefully, are the bear, the wolf and sheep but there are squirrels and birds too! The lining on this one is called Cake Rock Beach . I bought all of these fabrics from here.


Heather said...

oh la la! love these little pouches! The fabric is amazing!~

Lily said...

I love the little red riding hood pouche. When I would not be to old I would want for myself. :-)

andrea said...

Thank you both for the nice words:)

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