Monday, May 25, 2009

Cherry Pie Coffee/Tea Sleeve

~I just listed a coffee sleeve in my shop. I'm trying to think of a new name for these as obviously you could use them for tea or hot chocolate as well.
For this one I used the same fabric as the Cherry Pie pouch I had in my giveaway. It fits most 'small' or 'tall' cups. I haven't yet tried it on a larger size but I think it would work on the 'medium'-I should get all the technicalities and ounce sizes down. Any excuse for a run to the coffee shop right? There's also a little red vintage button.

~I will also soon be listing another Little Red Riding Hood pouch I just made...not too fond of the pics yet. Gotta redo those first. The buttons are different and the decorative stitching-and the interior fabric.I try and make a point of never doing the same thing twice. I'll show you as soon as it's listed.

~The surprise giveaway item is all ready to go too for the 27 th :)
. Can't wait to show you.

~Lots of packing has been done. I asked Mr. andrea creates, if he could tell I had spent the whole day packing up boxes my 'studio' Saturday. He said : No.
Gee, do I feel deflated. I thought I had made obvious progress. I could see the empty shelves and lack of clutter on the floor. Couldn't he? I just tell myself : ' he isn't very observant' (lol-?)

The space I work in is probably 5x5 ft. even though lots of stuff is also all around the room/house. I should get right back up there now and get to work.
It's getting crazy around here. For some reason I thought it would look less cluttered with things packed up. I didn't take into consideration that now the shelves are empty -it's all in boxes in the middle of the room. Add to
that some renovations and everything shoved here and there to accomodate that and I'm getting a little claustrophobic....The bathroom floors look really nice now tho'.

What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend?


Christie Cottage said...

Such cute fabric on your new cup cozy!

The Little Fox said...

oooh this is lovely!!!!:)

La Marquise des anges said...

I exactly know what you mean about the boxes and packing ...

the coffee sleeve is adorable . really adorable ... can't wait to be on the 27th for the giveaway

have a wonderful memorial day

andrea creates said...

Thanks everyone:)

Piggy said...

Very cute! :D

I had a busy weekend..
- Visit to the hospital (friend's new born baby)
- Attended a Church wedding
- Rehearsal in Church

.... Boy I need a holiday :D

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