Saturday, May 2, 2009

I won again!

I can't believe I won something again! This must be my lucky month-well, o.k April was too. I think I forgot to mention then that I won a print and Lulette ring from Noodle and Lou.... Oh boy, my good intentions sometimes end up on the back burner or forgotten when I'm super busy. I meant to do a post about that. I think I thought I did (!?!)...Where does the time go? :) .... Here is the link to the prize I won today.... . She has a blog too...Pretty Pretty.
Now I'm off to figure out my ring size and send her my address:)

Oh and this all reminds me I should have a giveaway for my 1 year anniversary on Etsy...coming up the 5th! Stay tuned.......


rachellucie said...

congratulations! you are obviously lucky at the moment. fancy filling in my lottery numbers for me?!

Rach xx

Jillianmackowiak said...

CONGRATS Andrea!! How exciting! I hope some of your luck rubs off on me. :)

andrea creates said...

Thanks girls-It's the first time I've won anything ,let alone twice within a month!:)

Jenn said...

oooooh You are on a ROLL!
Hooray!!! I'm so excited for you:)
have a happy week!!

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