Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Multitasking with multi grain

I feel so guilty for not packing right now. So much still to do. I'm doing all of the packing myself so far. I am used to it because we moved a lot when I was little. I should be a pro packer by now. I did make a major dent in the mess here yesterday with 4 boxes actually sealed. I stared at my supplies for the longest time and sadly put them into a box. Not all.Why, if you looked at my room/studio, you wouldn't even know anything was 'put away'. No, I won't show you. I secretly dream of being in one of those "Where women create" or 'artist's studio' articles in a magazine someday. Perhaps in my new home ?
I will have 1/2 of the 1/2 finished part of 1/2 of the basement-is that confusing?-1/2 of the basement is 1/2 finish
ed-it needs flooring. That half is 'split' in 2 by stairs. That description makes it sound really small but I believe the basement itself is the size of our condo right now. Entire condo. One main reason we're moving. I am working out of a corner of my bedroom. So you can imagine how big it will feel. I plan on making it my 'dream studio' so hopefully it will be picture perfect. Then I can show you.

O.k, so to feel less guilty for 'just' eating,
I'm also blogging. Aboring lunch, it's multi grain bread, turkey and a slice of provolone with mayo and hot french mustard from Trader Joe's.

a boring lunch

Gotta have Dijon mustard on a sandwich. A little Orangina on the side. Perfect. Should keep me full for -oh, an hour?Then I'll have a leftover cupcake. Who said diet?

I had an 'insider' email tell me that Anthropologie is having their 'biggest sale of the year' starting today -so of course I had to go. I got the gift card I didn't use on Mother's Day when I was busy shopping 'with' the stars, remember?

I got this:
andI can't seem to pass up acid green. I don't think I will wear them together.

My husband will call them 'sac a patates' when he gets home-which roughly means potato sack in French, and he might be right but that just makes me want to wear them even more.

I also got some of these....
In Europe these bowls would most likely be used for hot chocolate, I use them for cereal-and ice cream.

Maybe another trip to Disneyland in the afternoon...I just looked at my blockout date calendar and can count on one hand the amount of times we can still go :(

Have a crafty happy day :)


Heather said...

oh i love those bowls!! and the clothes. I heart anthropolgie...we dont have one here. boo hoo!
best of luck with moving! you'll fill up that extra space in no time ;)

andrea creates said...

I heart it too:)...I think there's one near where we're moving.
Thanks for stopping by~

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Good luck with your packing and moving Andrea.
I hope your new studio is everything you want it to be!

Pat said...

Oh, my. moving, yuck. Best of luck with that adventure. I have moved a few times and always find things i have hunted for and could not find. lol I love those bowls and the coffee cover. Thanks for the giveway. :))

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