Monday, June 15, 2009

Chickened out

I admit. I just couldn't put my shop in 'vacation mode' . For some reason that is hard for me. Not hard to do, just don't wanna do it.
I think we got about 98% finished with the packing this weekend, so I feel better. I have an all day field trip today, Disneyland for the last time tomorrow, and another all day at the lake with 6th grade graduating class on Wednesday plus dentist. Daughters graduation Thursday, movers coming Friday-Saturday appliances arriving for renters, going out of town from Sunday to Tuesday, Family coming from out town Tuesday to Thursday and then we drive cross country probably Friday.
And I think I'll have time to go to the post office between all this. Those are just the big things to do. Not all the little errands in between. O.k, I think I'll just 'vacation mode' starting Saturday and I mean it this time(?)I think. Anything purchased Saturday, I can probably squeak in a trip to the post office that Monday-from out of town, but the shop reopening won't be until July sometime.
Have a great day!

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