Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday morning

I have come down with a bad cold. I think I overdid it with the packing on Saturday. Boy, was I sore and achy. Too much heavy box lifting all by myself. The days are getting busier with preparations for the upcoming move. Fitting in dentist appointments, doctors, preparing our condo, planning a cross country trip, volunteering, the list goes on and on.
Most of our things will be leaving our home a week before we actually go. We will be living like campers in our own home til we get our things back on the other side. Did I mention I'm not really into camping?
I will put my shop in vacation mode starting next Monday. It's going to be hard for me to do. I've been slowly adding some fabric and supplies to boxes here and there. I just have to finish up some teacher's gifts and then I won't be able to sew for about 3 weeks. I will try and blog as much as I can though. Trying to decide if I should leave out any small craft projects I can do/ take, or am I just crazy to think I'll have time?

A special thanks to these 2 wonderful blogs-update, 3 wonderful blogs- have mentioned my crafts this week:

The 6 o'clock stitch-she has a flickr group I'm in...
Spool sisters- written by 2 sisters, one of whom won my coffee sleeve !
one little bird-has posted a couple of my money saving tips

Make sure you check out their blogs.

Have a wonderfully crafty day : )

Oh -and in case you don't always come back to read my responses to your comments in the comments section-I want to thank you all for leaving me kind words . I really appreciate the comments, read them all and when I can, try and leave a response here within the comments or on your own blog.


kim* said...

staying busy i see :)

Jenn said...

Hope you are feeling better Andrea!! Good luck with all the moving preparations...moving is sooo hard and SOOO tiring!!!


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