Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adapting and some name changes

People keep telling me I'll get used to certain things and in my stubbornness I just keep replying I will never get used to 'that'.
Such as:
~The humidity. People warned me. I thought they were exaggerating. I wrote/prepared this post a few days ago and since then I must admit it's died down a bit. Thankfully. I was starting to feel like I couldn't breathe.
~Mosquito bites.Growing up I got lots of mosquito bites. In France I drank yeast, yep from the packet dissolved in water, quite a taste, and also put drops of concentrated mint on my tongue (not at the same time). In hopes of warding off mosquitoes. I think it worked?? Which doctor gave those orders? Please don't try that at home.
I have so many bites on my leg right now it's swollen out of shape, and one that looks like a burn.

Since I can't really do any crafting right now I thought I'd share some name changes I noticed while crossing the case you ever needed to know...they all concern food so far. Ahem...

Carl's Jr. is Hardee' the link and scroll down to the map see if you're in a Hardee's, Carl's , or both, region :)

Dreyer's is Edy's...honoring 2 founders

Bob's Big Boy (if you can still find one) is Frisch's Big Boy here, who knew?

Of course now I can't think of the others I wanted to mention. I will post them as I see them. I thought it was interesting.

Do you know of other name changes around the country?


Christie Cottage said...

Now I want a Big Boy platter! None in Oklahoma!

I love Big Boy burgers. Maybe I should just buy some tarter sauce and make my own!

andrea creates said...

Tartar sauce -is that what they put?...seems right.
Thanks for stopping by:)

DJ said...

For the mosquitoes - try citronella incense sticks. They work wonders!!!

Great blog you have here :)

Cassie said...

From VA to WA
Hellman's went to Best
I also noticed the Edy's thing.

I can't think of any more right now, but I know there were some. So crazy how that happens... annoying too. Why can't they just keep the same name!

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