Tuesday, July 28, 2009

As soon as I get off of the couch..

~I will take photos for my blog.
~I promise I won't forget about my 1 year blogiversary giveaway.

I am just a little under the weather these past few days with some sort of stomach bug and can't seem to get off of the couch. No one else seems to have it-knock on wood -so I'm thinking it's something I ate.
I'm also completely overwhelmed with our move/unpacking/all of the things involved in that...school tests, doctor and specialist searches, business things, job things, adapting to this whole new life change...I just keep putting things off...The humidity is making me very tired too. Excuses, excuses...

I did somehow manage to (semi) organize a room (guest room now turned toy room because of basement, see a few posts ago) full of toys today, then realized I didn't really feel well enough for such an endeavor. And went back to the couch.

This past weekend I managed to:

~Finish knitting this hat, with Manos del Uruguay(?) yarn. It went much faster and much easier than I anticipated so I might just try and make a few more for Christmas presents....I don't remember ever knitting a hat from the top down. At first the double pointed needles were a little tricky to manipulate but I did it.

~My daughter requested a parakeet for her birthday which we got her, and she named Johnny, after Depp-not sure why. He's really sweet. I'm surprised he let us hold him already from day 1. We're trying to teach him to whistle 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

If I can get off of the couch tomorrow..
~ I will try and get some pictures taken of the hat, and 'Johnny' posted and see if I can get the giveaway going....
See you then :)

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McMaster and Storm said...

thanks for the compliment on our shop!
we do miss seeing our customers!

oh, maybe you can come to the Country Living fair. we'll be set up there.

{love your blog banner}

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