Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogging for Bliss

Kari from Artsy Mama is hosting a book release party Tara Frey's book Blogging for Bliss.
I just celebrated my 1 year blogiversary a few weeks ago and have a giveaway currently underway.

Blogging is blissful to me because it reminds me to keep going with my work. I can take a moment of my day to record what I've been doing. It makes me stop and notice the beauty in day to day things that would normally go unnoticed, stop and take a photograph of them or just 'smell the roses'.
When I started, I knew I wanted a sort of journal to help me connect to other crafters with like minds and interests : ) and since I am not very good at keeping paper journals or diaries having a place out in the open world where people were going to stop by and look, forces me to record the things I'm doing in my creative life in some way.

Have a Happy Creative Day!


Suzie Button said...

Beautifully said! You're right, blogging does make us pause and look at the beauty around us! I will pop over to your Etsy store to see your creations too! Happy Blogging and thanks for popping by to see me to today! Suzie

debi @ life in my studio said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for stopping by! I just love the opportunity of meeting new people...thanks to blogging!
Hugs, Debi

Heather said...

You're totally right!~

ArtsyMama said...

Thanks for playing with us at the blog party. You won the giveaway. Please email me your address.
Thanks and congrats!

Leslie from Goodcrafternoon.com said...

Hi Andrea,

First off, thanks for leaving a message on my blog and I am very inspired about Blogging for Bliss--I think I'm going to write about that this week.

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