Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wooden Spool of ribbon and thread

My Mom bought me this wooden spool for my birthday~I'm always admiring them and have never gotten around to getting one for myself.
For awhile it has been sitting on my cutting table and I keep looking at it, wondering what it used to hold and what I can make it hold~
So I came up with this idea...
A ribbon storage thingy. One of my favorite places to buy ribbon and trim is the scrapbook store. I buy them buy the yard and usually throw them into a flowery hatbox or french basket to get all tangled...

Can you see the raindrops?

Now for a few more wooden spools ! I have boxloads of embellishments ; )

I really really really wanted to redo all of my pictures for my shop today~ but it's started to rain. Can you see the little raindrops in the above picture?

While outside, I also took a picture of my threads in shades of greens.I am organizing as I sew/go...Can you believe I have this many~just in greens?! I can't either. O.k , don't mind those 2 blue ones on the end.

These pictures turned out so dark, even outside. I guess I'll leave the shop shoot for another day

I have been working on a new design for a coffee cozy. The designing process is always the longest. I have been trying to do something a little differently, that just isn't working out no matter how much I want it to, so I think I'll go with the tried and true. Lots of ideas, so little time.
Of course as soon as I sit down to the sewing machine-unexpected errands I go....

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Kunklebaby said...

Looks like your busy getting organized too! Love the ribbon on the spool!!

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