Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some new creations

I've been busy making things all (for) week(s) and some things have not turned out as planned. Mostly because I make things up as I go -especially when I get a new idea, and just go for it without thinking the construction through....I'm also pretty critical of my own work.

I made a bag like this for myself for the Country Living Fair-you may remember...
I received a few compliments so I decided to make more. I haven't made totes in awhile.
One I botched-using my last bit if fabric ! I had to dig online for a day or 2 to find someone who carried any-it wasn't that easy but I did finally find some.
This one I think turned out nice, but I'm not sure how sturdy it is.
I wouldn't put ten books in it but -the things I carry around daily in my purse would be fine. Or a knitting project or 2?
So, I'm contemplating taking some photos and putting it in the shop. What do you think?

I also made a 'Scrappy' Pouch with the same bird fabric. This one I did list in the shop.

I love making the collage part itself more than the putting the pouch together part... I could choose prints, bits of trim and buttons all day.

Here's the back view. I decided to put the zipper on the back -it's a little easier and doesn't show on the collage side that way. I top stitched the zipper with some random scallop stitch. Everything is meant to look scrappy and frayed.

It's Hallowe'en and I should work a little more, and get ready for trick or treating-
Have a Happy safe one :)


T @ Poppy Place said...


Happy Halloween :0

Christie Cottage said...

I love it!

You would have a field day with all my vitage trims!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

These are just lovely Andrea. I love the colors and the fabrics & trim you have chosen. And I totally understand the 'making it up as you go' method..... It's the best!

Amie McCracken said...

Love 'em.

Fernanda said...

You're so talented! I LOVE the bag & the pouch... lovely!
I now "heart" your Etsy shop :)

BeckyKay said...

How very cute! I really like your collage look!

Heather said...

oh wow! these bags are lovely! I've been having a war with my sewing machine lately....when the bobbin runs out I feel so nervous I can hardly stand it ;)
these bags came out awesome, you and I need to do a trade some day ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the collage bags!

Dotty Jane said...

They are both very pretty. It's a terrific look!

jess said...

I love the scrappy pouch. You are very talented!

David Burns Smith said...

Cool Pouch!

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