Monday, November 23, 2009

"Good Boy"

"Good Boy", is the latest zippered pouch in my 'Scrappy Fabric Collage' collection.

You might recall, I am challenging myself to use up as much of the fabrics and trims I have laying around here as I can, before I buy more. At least until December 1st ;)
I did slip a little ~ I had to go and buy some thread ~ but I'm allowing myself the things I need to finish projects ... I've been good otherwise.

I have several boxes of kid related fabric in my 'studio' and that was because:
  • I used to make lots of kid's gifts and things for my girls.
  • I can hardly resist the retro style children's prints in the quilting shops.
Now I try and remind myself when I'm in the store, to move on to another section. Meanwhile I must figure out a way to incorporate them into my new creations.

This pouch started out with a children's themed print, but I decided to make the little Terrier the main focus. Then while looking (o.k, digging) for something else- I found some fabric in my stash with 'dog words' and figured it would be perfect.

This pouch is a little more square than the rest. As you can see, it's big enough to hold pens and pencils!
You can find it in my shop here :)

In case I don't get back here before then, I plan on having a nice little sale in my shop from "Black Friday" through "Cyber Monday".
Happy Crafting :)


bananaicecream said...

Very cute, I love it!

Burning Moon said...

Cute bag! It looks great, I am the same with buying new supplies they are so tempting

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