Saturday, March 27, 2010

Garden Color

Wandering around the yard with Coco the other day I spied this piece of bark with moss on it. I thought the colors were beautiful and wanted to take a picture, but forgot until a few days later. It was still there-even after the rain. This time I didn't forget.

A few little clumps of grass have even sprouted.

In other news, check out a Felt Chocolate Bunny made by KJ at Let's go fly a Kite.
There's still some time left to make a bunny or 2 ;)
Happy Weekend : )


Heather said...

Arent these little signs of spring so glorious? I love it! Hope yours is beautiful!~

Julie said...

I love your pics as well! It's just so nice to get outside now isn't it? That little felt bunny looks so cute...maybe I'll give it a go. : ) xx

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