Saturday, April 10, 2010

Part of the process

Just thought I'd show a little bit of the process I go through in choosing my fabrics, trims, buttons and so forth when making a pouch or any other project really... I don't always go about it this way but I usually do some sort of variation of it, and thought they'd make some nice photos too : )

1.Choose a fabric that is really inspiring me lately. I love this color~ a bright 70's style shade of blue and print.

2. Choose a zipper. Here I wasn't sure if I should go with an off white, a blue that matched or an orange-complementary color. I love doing 'opposite' colors but zippers don't come in a million shades. At least the ones I have access too. So I went with one called Parakeet. It's a good match.

3. Now for the trim.

Again, wanting to go with a complementary color but not finding 'just the right one'. This shade of blue is hard. Maybe I should go with a yellow?

Just checking if I like the yellow better. I like to throw the trims and zippers across the other things I'm working with so I can see how all of the colors work together. Some shades of blues and oranges were 'killing' the shade of blue in the fabric ...Still not quite sure which one I'm going with.

4. Now for the buttons...

Ideally I would throw on a big orange floral type button in the upper right hand corner. But, I do not have any. In fact now that I look at my stash I don't have enough orange buttons : )
I'll probably go with a blue.

Step 5...Sew it all together. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.
Happy Crafting : )

P.S~Anyone know where to find a color wheel that has a lot of colors? I just have a basic one with a very minimal amount. I love to use it to choose colors...


T @ Poppy Place said...

I love your process :)

When you go to the book store look in art books that have instruction on colour a lot of them have more in depth colour wheels in them, hope that helps, T :)

andrea creates said...

Thanks for the tip~ I will definitely go and check that out next time I'm at the bookstore :)

Chloe' said...

ohh i love that fabric! It's really nice to see how your pouches come together,each one has soo much personality :o)

Your process is exactly like mine! Every element thrown together & tweaked untill it fits :o) i'll have to take some 'process pics', you've inspired me (^_^)

p.s. was this the type of thing you were looking for? :o)

Chloe x

andrea creates said...

Hi Chloe~
Thanks... I was looking for more of a color wheel-even online- that would show complementary colors.That link is pretty neat too -I like how it includes a lot of shades of blue :)

Rubyred said...

Hi Andrea,
so pleased yor parcel arrived safely! I'm so glad you like the little gifts too!
I don't mind at all if you post about them!
Love the little purse you're making!
Have a lovely week!
Rachel x

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