Monday, May 3, 2010

Birds and Bees Treasury

It's not often I've had the pleasure to be included in a treasury, however this morning, that's exactly the news I woke up to.
And what great news-something happy and fun to start the day with!!

You can check out the link here : birds and bees treasury
Heather King put this one together and I think she did a great job. Be sure to check out hers, and the other lovely shops too : )


Chloe' said...

yay! Congratulations! (^_^) it's always nice to hear you've been featured.. you get that warm fluffy feeling inside :o) It's a beautiful treasury & your little pouch looks beautiful in it!

Chloe x

AmandaB said...

SO FUN!! Congratulations!! It's very exciting to be included on a treasury!! Good for you!

andrea creates said...

Thanks Chloe! I agree-itt does give me that warm fuzzy feeling :)
And Amanda, so nice to hear from you. It's been awhile :)
Thanks for stopping by!!

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Oh, i love treasuries and this one looks especially lovely!

Flor Larios Art said...


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