Friday, May 14, 2010


I finally got up some inspiration. I know when I get in a creative rut that it will soon be over.

I used to get myself worked up about it, but I've learned over time, that sometimes we just need a break~to recharge our crafty batteries~to find new inspiration~that it will soon pass.
I've spent 2 full days designing these~They're 95% complete. What are they? I'm not sure if you can tell by the photos, but they're wristlets. I looked at a napkin (the blue and green one) that I had bought from Anthropologie a few years ago-and thought: voila. This needs to be a wristlet. Or something like that ; )
I used lots of buttons, trims, and misc. fabrics on these.
I'll show them off better when I take some decent...

I'm trying out different backgrounds. I want to redo the shop with a whole new look, when we get back from our trip.
These background papers I bought in Italy a few years back. I have a lot, a several inch diameter tube worth. At the time ''decoupage'' was popular there (maybe still is?)and I love paper. Much paper was purchased.
I don't think these backgrounds work for these bags so they'll be redone-who knows maybe I'll find the perfect paper in Italy!


McMaster and Storm said...

i agree--i've been recharging and when i accomplish things for myself--{before company comes--hee}
i will dive back into creativity for my biz. i'm loving my break!!!
cute wristlet and love the fabric, buttons & really all the details!
best to you!

Sophie said...

I love these wristlets, they are so in right now. Great work, keep it up!

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