Sunday, May 30, 2010

Process #2

Or "Pick and choose", "Hunt & Gather". I had a few names going for this post.
Either way~ I thought I'd show-the process of choosing the fabrics and embellishments for my pouches and things. I wrote another post about it here.
I like laying out the fabrics, buttons, trims zippers linings etc. to see what works and what doesn't, color wise especially, before I start sewing.
Usually I'm much more spontaneous cutting and stitching away happily as I go, but I've got a lot of half finished projects around here, I only noticed halfway through that they didn't have enough lining fabric, right color thread, buttons, zipper length and so forth... Now I try and lay things out and make sure I have all of the elements before I start. A plan!
This is also a good way to save time. For instance: trying out the zipper before you sew. This one started with an intended magenta zipper, however, after ironing it flat, I noticed that it was malfunctioning about 2/3 of the way down. It wouldn't open past a kink in the teeth :o
So I swapped it out with a green one I'm equally, if not more, happy with. A happy accident.

Step #1:
I throw all of the things I'm planning on using together in a 'pile' and see if they work-trading things (in and) out until I'm happy with color combos etc.

Step #2: Admire how well they look together and stop work in process (distraction) to go out and take a photo, lol : )
Step #3: Swap out malfunctioning zipper...and get back to work!

Here it is finished...It's now in the shop.

This week, Thursday, midnight, or very early Friday, I will put the shop in vacation mode until around June 19th. Anything bought this week will be shipped out on or before Saturday. After the 19th I expect to get back in working order and on my regular shipping schedule (within 2~3 days of purchase).


Becca said...

Hi Andrea, cute little zippered pouches you make! I love how you sit everything out to match it first. Do you mostly use scraps? I have a "Sew" magazine that I've made one bag...took me forever! I've also purchased zippers for little pouches that are in the book, but I've never sewn a zipper before, so I haven't attempted it yet! Your blog and projects inspire me to get busy! Enjoy your day.

Chloe' said...

oo i love to see the process! (^_^) it's my favourite thing aside from touring artists crafty studios!

i love the colours you've put together..they're perfect & striking,but equally so - it works beautifully!

thankyou so much for sharing =D

Chloe x

Pass the Parcel said...

Your little pouch is just lovely. In fact your post has inspired me to get my sewing machine out! (My sewing machine has been in the cupboard for about 3 years!) Thank you so much for sharing your creative process. x

andrea creates said...

I'm happy to hear you're all enjoying the 'process' posts..I will have a new one coming soon ;)

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