Wednesday, July 14, 2010

new ideas:cozy

So I've been working on a new idea. By working on, I mean many prototypes, many trials and errors...

I almost went ahead and listed this one however the photos were not turning out too well. And you can always tell when I'm having a bad photo day...

the photos get a little 'fancy'.

Anyway, this is a cozy for an itouch sized gadget (ipod/larger phone/blackberry etc. etc.)
I have a 'test driver' (preteen) who thought I should put a pocket on it for earphones/earbuds.
We also debated on where to put the swivel hook...I've come up with this idea so that it can hang straight from a belt loop, purse handle and so forth.
Also, decided on velcro instead of a snap or magnet so the screen doesn't get damaged....

I was wondering if you could help me with a quick little "unofficial survey" before I get back to the machine and make piles of these, lol ; )

~Would you use the back pocket? Would you want the pocket on the front, under the velcro, or as is, on the back? We debated about that...
~Would you want a cozy with or without the swivel hook? Do you think it's handy or not necessary?
~Would a sleeve, sans pocket, velcro closure or swivel hook, work for you too? (essentially just a phone 'sleeve')

I do still want to do the usual granny/shabby/Japanese style of fabrics with notions and trims-the one above is a vintage lace trim- and buttons~ but I will be throwing in some other types of fabrics I have on hand too...Need to purge some of my stash!!
You can see more photos on my flickr page : )
Happy crafting, and thanks for stopping by : )


Captain Sharmie said...

your pictures are adorable! and the lace gives this the most classy touch.

i think I would be more likely to use the pocket if I felt it was protected, like under the velcro.

i'd prefer the hook. even if i didn't use it that much, the option is attractive!

i hope that helps! :)

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Stylish and sweet! So nice to have a soothing, handmade cover for our electronic friends!

sandandstarfish said...

LOVE the survey :)
I would definitely use the pocket... and would like it on the back instead of under the velcro.
I wouldn't have any use for the hook... no place in my purses or bags to really hook it so without a hook would work best for me.
But I definitely would need a closure of some sort. A sleeve without a closure means cracked screens for me!

Great job by the way. I really love it :)

Heather said...

Ooooh! I love it! I need it! Must have one ;) Lol, I'd have to buy an iPhone first but details, details! I do have an iPod Mini.... love the fabrics you've used, as always!~

Liszha said...

Came here via Button Floozies and love, love, love your blog.
I love this things, I would put the little pocket on the front.\

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