Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks! : )

I wish I could make un~sideways happy faces! : ) Am I missing something?

Thanks for all of your kind comments on yesterday's post : )
I think I will continue trying out the plain white backgrounds for awhile. See how that goes...I'm the kind that wants to change the paint color the minute it's dried on the wall....
Speaking of which....

I got the painting done! Yay. I wanted to change the color the minute the first coat was on...but I controlled myself. I was going to go and redo it with my usual 'go to' color (see below).
We finished up the tile last weekend. It's not totally perfect but I think we did pretty good being non pro tilers. I've always wanted subway tile, but again, now that it's up-not sure I want it all over the bathrooms and kitchen like I first thought/planned. Still to-add knobs (maybe like these but in the green). I've got an idea for knobs in my head but can't remember where I saw them :0,
also will be staining cabinets...we did the floor already-but I forgot to take a picture :0

Like I said-me and paint-put it up and wanna change instantly. I'm the type that should stick with white walls and let the 'goodies' do the talking. The only color I've ever put up and not wanted to immediately change was Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage. I loved that color before they made their own paint for it and was soooo happy when they did. Anyway, I've used it in 2 homes ...but I'm maybe willing to try something bolder now.
I think the dining room will be the next victim, lol. I really want to be daring enough to use this color from French General's store:
Hmm, seems they've moved locations. I went to the original store in Hollywood and the bead room was a great greeny blue color... There are some nice photos of the new store here. O.k I'll just take one from the book:

They used to have a paint line too ~I still have the brochure. But now, they don't, and as you can see I just take the book to the hardware store to match the chips up!
Looking at it now-I'm not sure why I think it's such a daring color. I studied interior decorating, and I'm the first to be afraid of making color/decor commitments, at least for myself. I usually never get around to hanging pictures in the house either. Funny, huh?

O.k, well I'm rambling so I'll let you go ....
Tomorrow I have a knitting review-if you like 'Twilight', you may wanna stop back here then ; )
The girls and I can't stop giggling about the photos I'm going to share!
Happy~ what day is it? Monday? Already? Time to get back to photos....


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

WOW...Andrea you've been BUSY!
THANK YOU so much for all your constant support and kind really are such a doll!
My husband is in the midst of renovating our Laundry room as we have NO cupboards...soon,soon.
LOVE the new banner and your creations on the white backdrop are great!
Have a glorious day.

Heather said...

hehehe, Im in the middle of a painting redo too! I'm painting my bedroom a dark bluey-green called 'culinary herbs' by Kilz and its dramatic! When I put the first stripes of it on I thought "hope this goes kept pushing on and I do love it!
Love the subway tiles you used! those are so fun! just remember, its just paint! It can be redone. Better than wallpaper, right?

jody mcdowell said...

ooh that silver sage paint is so pretty! and hooray for white subway tile!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

merci so much for being always so sweet and supportive !!

I am quite impressed about everything you do and i must say you have done an amazing work with the tiles. i need to revamp my kitchen tiles and you really makde me want to do it right away !! was is easy ??

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