Friday, October 22, 2010

Greet The Day with a Song

Isn't that the way to start your day ? ; )

from the back

A brand new coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate or whatever drink you like ; ) cozy...
I loved this fabric and couldn't resist it the other day when I saw it. I thought it would be perfect for one of my sleeves : )
from the side

Yes, I took lots of photos :0
This one's actually for me, but there's a similar one in the shop, just as soon as I get finished with the listing : )
It'll also be on sale even though it's brand new~til the end of the month~
These make great gifts for the teachers with a coffee shop gift card ; )


Martina said...

LOVE that fabric, so supercute! Every teacher's supposed to have one of these!

Christie Cottage said...

I love the fabric!



lila said...

You are so gifted...gorgeous creations and lovely,lovely blog!

andrea creates said...

Thanks :)

kt said...

andrea you always find the sweetest fabrics!

Becca said...

Andrea, I love these coffee sleeves, and have made a couple before, but they aren't as nice as yours, and that fabric is really fun!

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