Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Tortoise and a Wallet Spree

I have been super busy in the shop lately. Things are picking up at a rate I'm not used to and I am super happy about that : )
I've just been plugging along at a slow but steady pace, knowing some day things could pick up at a faster speed, and it looks like now, they are!
So I'm trying to ramp up production for the holiday season ; ) I'm even going to convert a currently unused ping pong table into a shipping center as I have just been using my cutting table and that's not working out so well anymore. I need a designated space for wrapping and packaging. I'll show a before and after photo-as soon as 'after' happens, lol-seems errands keep me running everyday-but that is one of today's goals!
Yesterday I managed to make 3 more wallets... This one is made with a few Heather Bailey prints that are some of my favorites. I love orangey corals and pinks together.It also has a vintage button ; )
This one has a retro style orange and yellow floral print with orange polka dots and an orange vintage button. This is a French 'Provencal' print. The inside is a 'real' Provencal fabric from France. I think it's possibly vintage but not too certain on that. It's a piece someone bought for me.
I used the pearl snap closure alone as the print is pretty busy already. I will probably list this one today or tomorrow.

I've been asked-and I agree, as that was the intended purpose when I designed them- they look like clutches. These are very small-just the size of a deck of cards or thereabouts. I designed them for business cards so the pockets are not much bigger than that. Of course credit cards and money(paper) will fit you can see here:

P.S~Don't forget~a little gift with purchase will be included with all orders through October...and my coffee/tea cozies are on sale as well : )
Have a great Wednesday!!


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Andrea, they're GORGEOUS!
SO pleased your sales are picking up.
That's fantastic!!!
Have a great day running around.

Martina said...

You are so busy Andrea! All will be sold out by Christmas ;)

Ammie said...

Delightful. Hooray for a new faster pace.

I have been wanting to sew my own little wallet for some time now, but then I see how adorable yours are, and how you've already picked out the most adorable Kokka fabric (or French provencal fabric or whatever), and matched it with darling vintage buttons, and even thrown in a sweet hair clippy! So cute! If husband is on board, I think I'll snatch up one of your cute clutches.

Heather said...

These are so darn adorable! And congrats on the amped up business, that's always great to hear! :D

andrea creates said...

thanks everyone~
i appreciate all your kind words!! :)

Becca said...

Love these little wallets Andrea! I always love the fabric you use too. Have a great weekend!

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