Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Sale Thanks

felt and felted wool flower brooch -coming soon?

I just wanted to stop in & say "hello' really quick and thank all of my blog friends for stopping by & leaving kind words throughout this past year : )

This has been a great year for my shop. I made sales this past week -including this weekend(!!)-when I thought things would be real slow more than a week ago...totally unexpected, and very much appreciated!
I have lots of plans and ideas for the upcoming year, and can't wait to get started.
However I'm currently typing this with my sewing machine handbook on my lap as it's been giving me a few fits lately -so we'll see how that goes :0 Hoping my old machine can get me through a repair time...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas-Ours was very nice & quiet...mostly relaxing, eating, opening gifts with some family and friends and-playing all day with the yarn ball winder that I got (!)
I will have to post a photo of the yarn I wound-an entire box full. It was such a disaster area, I had to get it organized! Funny enough even some guests got in on the fun of helping with it! Who'da thought?

Today it's snowing -perfect : )

I am having a petite sale in the shop. Today only-on everything
coupon code:
to be entered during check out.
Happy Holidays~

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Becca said...

Sounds like you had a nice and relaxing Christmas like we did! Isn't it nice to look forward to the new year and have ideas about crafts? One of the things I'd love to learn this next year is to crochet. I can do a chain stitch and that's it! Any suggestions? I've checked out some YouTube videos, but I really need to try it at the same time. I want to learn how to make those little flowers. Is knitting harder to learn or crochet?

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