Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crochet Hook Organizer #4

I'd better think of a nicer name for these-I've made 3 and sold 3! Woohoo-Thanks go out to those who've purchased them-
They are fun to make! Choosing and combining the fabrics and the trim and the ribbon closure = fun!
I have an idea for another little detail but I think this one is too frilly for it. It'll have to be one of those 'ideas' that gets to come out when I find the perfect fabric for it ;)
Meanwhile-some photos turned out and some-well, you'll know what happened when you see them, if you've hung around this blog for awhile....

This fabric is by Tanya Whelan

French twill tape ribbon closure in candy pink and cream.

And this is a crocheted hat I gave away yesterday for a birthday.
I wish I had taken better photos of it. I love the combination of chocolate brown and almost a coral hot pink raspberry trim.
How's that for a color description ?

The pattern is Alicia Paulson's
I love it :)

Off to list my organizer-have a happy weekend :)


Laurie said...

Well, who wouldn't love that combination of fabrics, so romantic, and the french ribbon -- swoon! Lovely creations!

Lisa said...

You are always up to something crafty!! I so love the color combos you choose.. happiness!

andrea creates said...

thanks girls :)

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