Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some things I've been working on

I've been working on some gifts.
Lots of them.

These 2 are for the teacher and the bus driver :)

I think they turned out great! My daughter helped me choose parts as we went along. It was kind of liberating to not have a plan in advance. Just choose based on : O.k, we need a bus-now what do we have that goes with that? what do we have that goes with that one? Which zipper do we have that will tie it all together? A button, ribbon and so forth-they just sort of evolved.
With my etsy pieces, I'm usually too scared to "make a mistake" -and choose most everything before I start. So, I must say this made me look at things differently. And I usually like things I make, better that way-Note to self: do this more often!

I made this one today for the shop. It's based on the shape of the business card wallets, and not too much bigger . But I like to think of it as a mini clutch or pocketbook.

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Christie Cottage said...

They are adorable!

I really like the girl writing.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Maria Isabel said...

Those are some lucky teachers and bus driver! You definitely are the coolest mom ever!

Jennifer said...

Great store! I like the zippered purse with the cardinal!

kt said...

andrea i love these little purse that you have been working on as always you pick the best fabric combos!

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