Monday, January 10, 2011


The lovely Katy from kt40 has created a treasury from shops in her circle. So sweet :)

here's the link to it

I still have treasuries on my mental 'to do' list...I have just been super lazy so far this year-like I'm still on Holiday :)

I haven't even gotten around to writing out my to do list- it's o.k if it's just in my head, right? One of the items on my mental list is to eventually make a list on paper ;)

Then, to just get started...Lots of ideas brewing around. I keep dreaming up new ones, and have not been getting around to them.

I hear we're going to have more snow come tomorrow-so I'd better go get some errands done.

Wishing you the happiest of Mondays!

Just wanted to mention that Char @WeBlogArtists is hosting a portrait'll have to check it out : )


We Blog Artists said...

Ha...I'm the same with my list...
GIVEAWAY now up and running...HURRY!
HUGS and have a GREAT week!

Rachel said...

such a cute treasury!

kt said...

andrea thanks for sharing the list! happy you are in my circle:)

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