Monday, February 7, 2011

Pocket Clutch & Treasury

With all of this dreary, sleety, cold weather I was having such a hard time getting decently lit photos.

So we invested in some lights and a backdrop/ photo set up for the basement. I'm still playing with how best to angle the lights. I'm thinking I may need more(?)Anyone have any good tips? I'm not at all photo technique savvy :0

I did manage to finish up this pocket clutch~ another from the same pattern as my previous post.
These are getting set aside for presents. But I may have trouble parting with
them ;)

Here's a treasury by Needlebook-she's got a great shop, and blog & she's featured my coffee cozy here. Thanks Claire!

Have a warm Week ; )


Mel P said...

The pics look great! Are you using anything to diffuse the light? I learned a lot from googling micro studios, but there's still no replacement for natural light. I got a micro studio similar to this and it's been great for those rainy (or snowy) days.

We Blog Artists said...

It's great...
So excited about your interview with us tomorrow!

Silver Lining Decor said...

I think your photos look great! I know it's hard to get good ones with dark, dreary weather. I have been thinking about buying, or making a lightbox for myself.

andrea creates said...

thanks everyone :)
mine is a huge backdrop and free standing lights with those umbrella looking attachments-i think i just need more or know how to aim them...

koralee said...

Lighting has always been my downfall too....I know nothing! I learn as I go....and yes these days of dullness have hampered my photo taking too...good idea to invest in some lighting.


Connie said...

I think your photos look great! I have a lightbox and managed to drop two lights on the floor and can't get the bulbs out! Crazy! But I agree natural lighting is the best - but nothing like a white background. Love the clutch!

Claire Louise Milne said...

thanks so much for the link!

my tip is that if you get shadows on the other side of the item you can use a white card held up on that side to reflect the light.

Other than that I use photoshop "levels" a lot to lighten up my photos - although my camera does have a setting for that but I rarely use it.

I like the widget you used for the treasury - I've bookmarked it!

andrea creates said...

thanks i'm going to try that!

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