Friday, February 25, 2011

Treasury Time

I keep starting to make one and never feel like it's good enough and can't quite get it done so I delete it. Does that happen to anyone else? I think I'm over complicating it.
I've only ever made one(!)
Meanwhile here are 2 I was featured in. Thanks so much to frecklesoriginals

and thanks to bbrunophotography


We Blog Artists said...

I find it really hard to get a treasury...
Back to crocheting :-)

koralee said...

Friday hugs to you my friend. xoxo

Christie Cottage said...

Great treasuries!

Today I made an etsy treasury and I was also making an Artfire Collection. 2 birds with 1 stone! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for being a faithful blog follower! I appreciate all your comments.


Martina said...

Treasuries are so inspiring and i love to look at them. But i can understand how choosing can be complicated sometimes. Your things always look very cute in the mix. Have a lovely weekend Andrea!

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