Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend & A Shabby Rasberry Colored Wallet

We're off to see the Bieber movie (ahem, again). Hey it's got an extra 40 minutes for 1 week only(!) and I know a few people who would not be able to wait til the dvd comes out to see that. We're also going to be brave and see it in 3d!!
Meanwhile I accomplished another wallet this morning-tweaking it just a little, to make it a wee bit larger- maybe a quarter inch all around....

The fabric feels like a vintage sheet and has the same faded rosy look. I'm not sure what to call the color of the polka dot print... Seems like a raspberry to me. Would you call it raspberry, or something else?
I also added some scallop trim the one of the pockets : )

Gotta love Scallops!

I've also been adding my hand to some of the photos in the listings to show scale.
I don't show myself too often -but, hey, there's my hand ;)

Wishing you a lovely weekend....
Will be staying in and watching the Oscars tonight. Will you?


karuski said...

Your wallets are the cutest. That's a beautiful raspberry polka dot fabric. Great idea to show a hand for scale too:)


koralee said...

Oh I do adore this raspberry sweetie. xoxo

We Blog Artists said...

I really like this one...
The Oscars on the other hand was a dissapointment...just because I don't think Ann was the right

Martina said...

Good idea showing it on the hand - it gives a much better picture of the size! So cute, this raspberry color!

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