Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Titleless Post

I'm still here.
I haven't posted in a few days-which feels like an eternity now.

I've been busy getting things organized and done, and haven't really had a chance to get any creating accomplished.
I'm (trying to) think(ing) of it as a time to recharge the creative batteries.
Decide what I want to make more of, and not make more of...
I've been letting things in the shop expire with no immediate plans to renew...and have been starting to add some destash items.
I have sooo much stuff around here. Things I never use, things I'd like to use but haven't gotten around to...Time to Spring Clean!!
Stay tuned.
Meanwhile it feels strange not leaving a photo to share, so here's one or 2 I took recently....

I've noticed that most of my photos lately tend to be things I've made, as it's been so cold and dreary out, I haven't been inspired to take the camera outdoors...I think Spring is finally coming now, hopefully I'll get some fresh air shots~ and perhaps a new banner soon :)


We Blog Artists said...

Oh Andrea, I know what you mean...I need a fresh start and am trying to figure out what works...it involves a lot of thought so we all understand.
Enjoy the outdoors...go for a walk...

Christie Cottage said...

I totally know where you are coming from here. I just commented on another blog I follow about the same thing.

I did actually craft today! That's a shock! I have been sewing everyday on a custom order and It is ready to mail tomorrow.

I have gotten behind on commenting on blog posts. That I don't like to do. I think commenting on other blogs is important!

I hope you batteries are recharged and full of new ideas a.s.a.p.!


Heather said...

we all need those recharging times. Its just good that you know to recognize them and not agonize over the dry spell. I think the coming spring will get us all inspired! Its so misty and gray out today...I'm trying to imagine Im in scotland ;) seems more picturesque anyway ;)

andrea creates said...

thanks everyone-i'm taking care of paperwork and other un-fun junk while i recharge my "creative batteries"...
i appreciate all your kind comments, and for stopping by :)

Lisa said...

It has been so strange here .. teasing us with 50 degrees one day and snow snow snow the next... I think it's the winter blahs....
I need to spring clean to... at least it will put my mind in that direction!!
Hoping you have a most lovely day!

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