Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fabric Update

I have been selling the fabric in my shop almost as fast as I've been listing it! : )

At first, I hesitated as I don't really sell supplies, just sometimes destash now and then.
However, recently, I had been contemplating adding some pieces of my own personal collection of fabrics (things I won't be using for whatever reason), but never got around to it. Then I heard about the Denyse Schmidt collection at Joann's...
When I saw the selection at my local store, I instantly had a few faves, and thought maybe it would be a good idea to purchase some extra, for those that don't have a nearby Joann, or international friends (I know personally how frustrating it can be, to not be able to get to a certain place and buy things you want)......and add those to my shop as a start....

Then yesterday my Mom and I drove around quite a bit for some errands she had to do, and in doing so, we found a Joann a good 30 miles from home that had prints 'my' Joann did not have~ so I got some of those too : )
I've listed a few of those as well~ but am having a hard time parting with them as I can't wait to make something with them! That will have to wait 'til next week.

Anyway, I'd better get going. I have eggs to dye, a few baskets to make up~ and a post office trip to run...
Have a great Easter weekend!


Trisha Brink Design said...

I think that's a smashing idea! I always love when folks help others out with sourcing good products that they can't find locally! Great idea Andrea...I hope it also allows you to make some profit to get more of the fabric you want to keep for yourself! :D

Happy Easter Dearie...have a great weekend!!!

Rachel said...

congrats on your fabric sales! that's awesome!

karuski said...

Great idea, I'm off to check your newest listings. Happy Easter to you!


moose and bird said...

I love love love the fabrics you are listing. Pretty florals are my favourite. Have a Happy Easter xo

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