Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break Snakes and Birdhouses

side and back of my birdhouse

How's your Spring Break going so far?
Mine's going like this:
I almost stepped on a snake in the woods today, trying to get photos for a school project~ so I came back inside and decided to upload these photos instead :0
I haven't seen a snake since we lived in France(where we saw them occasionally).
We've seen about 3 since we've been here, and I could do without. I didn't stick around long enough to figure out what kind it was.
I had the camera, & thinking back, maybe I should have gotten a photo? I had been trying to avoid an upturned old rake I knew was out there somewhere, when my daughter spotted the snake instead.

Today we made a project inspired by the birdhouses here , on flickr and various other blogs... These were fun, and are meant to be a present for someone so I hope they don't get a sneak peek here~ but I thought the birdhouses turned out so cute I wanted to share. Here is mine:

love the sparkle in the photo.a happy accident :)

Here's daughter #1's:
We decided to add a little acorn cap to the birds to make a little French beret!
I've been saving acorn caps again-and trying my best not to lose them

Somehow we both ended up adding 'tweet' to the sides without paying attention to each others work (!)left side of her house

back of her house

And daughter #2's

cute little pink bird with beret ;)
and some more sparkle!

left side and back

right side and front

left side and front

If you're here still, thanks for getting to the end of this photo heavy post :)

In case you noticed, there was a bird for my house, but it's been misplaced- maybe he'll fly home soon ;)


Silver Lining Decor said...

EEEK!! I hate snakes! They are so creepy and make my skin crawl!

On a happier note-those house are adorable!! So, so cute! I might have to do this myself! Maybe your girls could consider an etsy shop selling these cute houses ;)

Martina said...

OMG, i just LOOOOOOOVE these! Want to make one myself now. With or without birds - these are dreamhouses!

We Blog Artists said...

Did you find your birdie?
Love these bird houses...they must have been fun to make!
HUGS and a great week to you.

Ammie said...

These are gorgeous! Kudos to all three of you.

I grew up in rattle snake country, and we were always on the lookout for snakes. I still sometimes dream snake dreams. Don't worry. The dreams are more frustrating than scary. ;)

I'm so glad you didn't step on that snake!

koralee said...

I must say these are adorable! I love the patchwork look to them. xoxo

andrea creates said...

thanks everyone!!

Lisa said...

Toooo Cute.. L♥Ve them.. What Fun!!

Yikes with the snake... That is why I Loved living in Alaska... NO Snakes what so ever!!!!!

Gretchen C. said...

I LOVE LOVE these!! What a great idea! Our spring break starts next week & I just fished the empty cereal boxes out of the recycle bin!

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