Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes I'm out of inspiration. I thought I'd share some techniques I've used recently~ they may seem super obvious to you, or super simple, or maybe you've done these before~ but just in case, if you're feeling a bit uninspired, perhaps one of these tips might help...

I have a lot of fabrics & supplies I've purchased over the years, for whatever reason~ I no longer absolutely love a few of them. They're o.k, just not my favorites anymore. Colors or patterns? Who knows. Tastes change right?...
I also have a few current goals:
1) I need to use these supplies up, and
2) I need to make the
'studio' presentable. So that creates a challenge. How to use the pieces I have and turn them into projects I love.

"Technique" #1: Ask someone you know to pick a color/theme/print...for you

I knew what I wanted to make that day, but, I felt like I should try a new colorway or print than I would normally pick(see above).I have so many fabrics, and I'm usually only choosing from the newest stash-like when you push the older foods to the back of the refrigerator.
So, I asked my daughter to pick a color for me from which I would choose my supplies...she chose "green"...and I made this wallet:
Of course this is from some of my newest stash of fabrics. I wasn't ready to go totally out of my fabric comfort zone yet ;)

That's easy! But, I would've picked pink (rut)
Ask a friend what color(s) or print(s) to use today. Give them some options-
formula: colors you haven't used in awhile + prints (plaid
-polka dots-modern- florals...)= something different for you.

That same day, newly inspired, I also made the 2 on the right/bottom (asian inspired theme, and aqua floral):
The aqua floral one sold already, thank you :)
I used to use a lot of the asian inspired prints-and hadn't for a long time. Now this is one of my favorite wallets:)

"Technique" #2: books and magazines challenge
Sometimes I flip through my favorites over and over again for inspiration. Usually the inspiration is a color combination...but sometimes when I need a real challenge, I do this:
Flip through & land on a page- don't cheat- it has to be a random page. Then choose something from that random page that will be your inspiration. Ex: even if it's a soap ad, dog food page, or something you wouldn't associate normally with your craft -look carefully. What do you see now? Faces? A sky? A color? A font? A shape? The way patterns are used together? Choose something, then choose something equivalent from your stash. Perhaps you could use a print featuring dogs? Or make a patchwork collage? Something sky blue?
Or all of the above?

You may or may not like what you end up with but it sure makes you use things you might not have chosen before...

Technique #3: Taking requests? Has someone ever assumed you make something, but you don't? Maybe you've filed the idea away to try one day?
This past week some one I know asked me to bring coupon holders/organizers to a party she's giving. I have never made a coupon holder before-but I thought, why not try?
Try out a new design, you may find a new favorite project :)

The one above, is what I came up with.(it's in the shop now).I can't wait to make more (perhaps with some new, old fabrics?)

Today I asked my daughter again -you know-I need to make a new organizer-what colors should I use? ;)
She said: Use pink white and green-off to check my stash!


fernandflora said...

Helpful and fun! And I totally can understand not feeling the love for certain materials as time goes by and also losing inspiration occasionally.

Good luck with making the studio presentable! I'm constantly working on that... Clean it up, mess it up, clean it up, mess it up!

Lisa said...

lovely post.. you really need to write a book .... ♥

your daughter has wonderful taste!

andrea creates said...

lisa-thanks! i have lots of stories-i just wish i knew how to write better.this post is as long as a book though, huh?

fernandflora-that sounds like me, except mine is usually omits the 'clean it up' part, lol :)

Martina said...

Love your daughters request - isn't it great to share creative passion with kids?

koralee said...

Oh can't wait to see what you come up with! I love your work! xoxoxo HUGS

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