Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Bag, Honest Post

I haven't been feeling well and therefore not too creative this past week. Yesterday I was put back on a medicine I took five years ago and gained some weight with I've never been able to lose. Ug.Hopefully I'll be able to stop taking it before that happens again. I'll really have to focus this time on eating well and exercise-not my forte ;)
Meanwhile, today, I wanted to try and distract myself with a little project, so I made this:

A rosy grey, rounded bag -it's a Japanese print I picked up awhile back and love, but couldn't figure out what to put with it because the colors are so unique. I lined it with a barely light green linen like fabric. Added the vintage crochet trim-it reminds me of those popular banners/flags -and stitched on 3 buttons.

I went out into the sun (finally) and took some photos. Thanks for the photo tips in my giveaway post~see, I was listening ;)

I also rearranged the colors on picnik ;)

~~Going in the shop as soon as I'm done here~~


Lisa said...

Beautifully done!! I love the roundy top.. and the banner lace.. brilliant! By Golly I believe you have a winner here!!!

♥♥♥ hugs ........ sorry you are feeling ill.. hope you are on the mend soon....

Christie Cottage said...

I love it! It may be my favorite item you've posted yet! The fabric is awesome and the lace just sets it off!

Feel better! Taking meds that cause us problems is o fun!


Stop by and enter to win the "HANDMADE" banner if you do craft shows.

Martina said...

So romantic and pretty this bag! I hope you'll fell better again soon Andrea! I wasn't too fit either recently, and it sucks after a while. Hopefully, the sun will do us good and bring back our mojo! xx

andrea creates said...

thanks so much lisa :)

Ammie said...

Oooh! This is so pretty. The colors, shape, and lace fit together charmingly. And I do hope that you feel well and are able to stop taking meds soon.

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