Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ca y est, C'est Fait !

Finally got this one done. I checked the print and I don't see those pesky mysterious fade marks (like in the one a few posts ago).Still not sure what was up with that but this one is just as pretty, I think ;)

~My daughter took this photo with my hand for scale~sorry for the (lack of) manicure and slight blur ;)


koralee said...

Oh I love it! Happy weekend!

Christie Cottage said...

This is my favorite style!!!

Have a great weekend!

Martina said...

So pretty! This combo is one of my favorites of yours. Happy weekend! xx

andrea creates said...

thanks ladies:)

Pomona said...

Well done - I am glad that this one went better!

Pomona x

Heather said...

C'est tres belle! I love this! Its so sweet and perfect for summer :)

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