Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Days

Some days I am unable to sew.
Some days I am unable to knit.
Today is the former.
So I think I'll go and do the latter.
I have another sewing idea/pattern in mind and I cannot figure out how to make it work. Mechanically I guess you'd say. 
I've tried a few ways. 
I've looked through my giant collection of books & magazines and even online. I cannot find a 'how to' to do what I need to do. I know there's a 'way' to do it. I just can't figure it out. 


Here is some yarn I bought yesterday. It's by Blue Sky Alpacas. I wanted a French Strawberry ice cream colored yarn and I found it! I am going to make another one of these hats.

I think.
This is one that I just finished.
Just need to add the pompom and find a model so I can take a better photo :)
The hat was a nice easy quick knit-I thin it'll make some great gifts.


Pomona said...

Maybe if you sleep on it, the solution will come to you. I was reading recently about the way that your subconscious goes on working away at a problem, and then suddenly the solution will come to your conscious brain. It's a lovely bag - really pretty fabric!

Pomona x

Christie Cottage said...

There are days I just can't do a craft too! Not just because of time but because it just isn't in me that day! LOL

Cute hat!


moose and bird said...

I love the colour of your wool. Perfect for a wintery hat. Have a lovely weekend x

REread said...

I like your cute Etsy shop :)

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