Monday, June 20, 2011

Treasury Appreciation Issues(?)/Tutorial

I'm not sure what's up with either etsy or craftcult-where I usually upload my treasuries from -but it hasn't been working for a few days-so let's see if I can come up with a way to share those that I was featured in over the past week....using my naturally untech-savvy skills ;)

I love the colors here-green and dusty rose

Thanks so much everyone!

O.k so, I figured out an (untech-savvy) way to upload these ~though loaded with steps and a bit time consuming, this is the way I did it in case you'd like to do the same...

#1. Go to the treasury page on etsy
#2. Click f11, then ctrl + print screen -usually up on the top row of keys-I know this is a different key for a mac, sorry I'm not sure which one it is for you guys, I'm lucky to have figured out this much ;), then f11 again to go back to the regular screen.
#3.Go to 'Paint'-you could use another program I'm sure, just so long as you can 'paste'. Hit ctrl + v (paste)
#4.Save, then go to picnic-again you could probably use your favorite program to crop. You may even have been able to crop in paint and just skip this step. For some reason, I'm on a different computer, and I couldn't figure out the crop tool on this one, so before I got completely frustrated, I went to picnic.
#5 Crop, resize to the size you usually use for the photos on your blog, then save.
#6.Upload to your blog & add all of the links.

Maybe you have a better way-and I know that there are other sites that allow you to upload treasuries... but for me it was easier to do it this way than trying to find them-at least 'til they fix whatever the problem is ;)

~Off to a new fabric store I have never been to~
Have a super Monday!!


{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

those are some pretty treasuries Andrea!
I know how to take screenshots on Mac but I'm not sure if that is what you're after..

We Blog Artists said...

I have always wanted to learn how to do this...I am going to check back later to see other's ideas too.
HAPPY MONDAY dear Andrea!


CailinMarie said...

oh good luck with your postings - red white and turquoise is beautiful1

Lola Nova said...

What wonderful treasuries!

Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

You could also use this treasury generator for your blog. I use it to post treasuries on my blog. Each item is clickable from your blog page. Here's the link:

Lisa said...

I had the same problem..
I found
pretty interesting... I like the displays.. I am just having a problem centering it on my page.

~:o) Lisa

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