Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Favorite Clogs Made Someone's Day?!

Clogs make someone's day? Let me give you a little back story...
If you've read my blog for awhile~ you know I love to wear my clogs.

You've probably seen them here & here(where I talked about the ones I'm featuring today ;), in my profile photo etc. etc...
 I've always been super picky about my shoes.When I was little, they had to be on the tight side.For a long time I wouldn't show my toes~ I think that's where the clog came in- I could slip them on and off easily, but my toes were covered-the one on the beach with tennis shoes (sand, another story). Nowadays, shoes don't have to be super tight or cover my toes, nor do they have to be a specific brand, but if things do not fit the way I want or they are not comfy, off they go. 
Something easily thrown off the minute I get in the house.
bla bla bla,picky picky, right? lol
That said tho', I don't really have too many shoes, because, when I(finally) find something I like, I tend to stick with it.

Enter the favorite clog.

These are the ones I mentioned recently (see link above)
Onto the story...
The other day, we went to a local amusement park. I hesitated which shoes to wear as I knew we would get wet on some of the water rides.Flip flops?-no too slippery and dangerous.Tennis shoes? Too hot + socks + water rides? Sandals?See above... Yeah, I'll just wear my no fail clogs.
They're so old and worn, it won't matter if they get wet, they can't get any more ruined. But they sure are comfy for lots of walking.

They were looking pretty good until last Winter when someone else borrowed them to wear in the snow to walk Coco :0 and they got worn around the edges. They've also got a splotch of paint on them I can't get off. Yeah, I wore them painting too!

While wandering through a very long line, we let some people pass us as we were strolling slowly. One of the girls looked down and my daughter overheard her say: That girl(!) has on clogs-that makes my day!
Makes her day?! Wow, another clog fan!
 Come to think of it-I rarely see anyone wearing clogs here.hmm. That must be why she noticed.

P.S-I'm hoping to get another pair just like these while on vacation, I know of a pretty good clog store near where we're going.I looked, but haven't had any luck finding them online :( The style is older ~ I only found one used pair online, if you're wondering, they are by Sanita.
Crossing fingers...

If I'm not back by then, have a great , safe, 4th!!


Becca said...

What a great story! I love the pair that's on the link you provided. I would like a pair, but I wear the same pair of Havainas flip flops everyday! LOL

Ammie said...

Congrats, "girl"!

I have a six-year-old pair of sandals that I have been wearing out. I'm thinking of having the now-tearing-padding replaced, so that I can keep wearing these babies loooong past their prime!

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