Monday, July 11, 2011

New Goodies, Little Reminder

Almost off on vacation-can't decide whether to leave the shop open and announce a shipping date-or put it in vacation mode.Pretty sure I'll close just in case...
Please don't forget-if you like something-coupon code VACATION15 will get you 15% off-shop closes Wednesday...
I've been a little unwell and have been working through the pain (and waiting for new meds to kick in :0) to distract myself. 
It's a little stressful since I want to feel decent for the (finally) break coming soon. Anyway I don't like to talk much about things that aren't fun here, so I'll share what I worked on this weekend:

I had a custom order request. I usually don't do custom orders (or get too many requests). For one reason or another, I've had a always had a no custom order policy, but I had this request and needed the distraction~ and I think it turned out great :)

It's like the other coupon holder in my shop, but with some readjustments of the prints.

 And then I made another-in the pink French General line. I made the pockets a wee bit taller so they hold the checkbook better.
The photos of this holder, and the one below, are a bit dark even tho' they were taken outside-note to self~ add: redo photos today, to my 'to do' list.

My Mom watched me make these. I usually work all alone so it was a bit different having someone else's opinion to ask, or to ask if this looked good or that looked o.k, as I went along ...
This is one of my new prints from a new store. I love how the design looks modern, and yet retro all at the same time. Sort of like those vintage tablecloths we all love, but in a modern colorway.
I added the buttons, a little black flower and some teeny yellow ones with embroidery floss and scattered them around this time.
Hope you like them. 

And a great treasury by CAKEhandmade
Love her shop name ;)


{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

Hope you feel better soon Andrea! Enjoy your holiday :-)

Suzee said...

Sorry to hear you not been well!! Meds are always good :)Enjoy your break! Love the new coupon wallet you made. but then I love anything you sew out!!

andrea creates said...

thanks ladies :)

Christie Cottage said...

I love the second photo!

Feel better!


Martina said...

Oh Andrea, hope you'll soon feel better - but take your time to relax. Your wallets here are so pretty, especially the middle one! Love!

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