Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 Bags 3 Ways

Here are 3 new clutches I seem to be on a roll making. The pattern is from keykalou .

I thought I'd share how I made them all bit different(please see the review here)

As I had mentioned in that post, I am trying to decide if I like interfacing, batting or both.

  • #1, Only the lining is interfaced.The exterior is backed by cotton batting. The flap has both, interfacing and batting. The lining is interfaced. The batting by itself was tricky to get through.I think I may have just needed a sharper needle though (?)
  • #2 has only lightweight interfacing on both exterior and interior fabrics. Of course it's the most lightweight, and it was also the easiest to sew through.It still holds it's shape though not as much as bag #3.
  • #3 has heavier weight interfacing on all fabrics, and batting in between layers.It's also the most structured. It was trickier getting my machine through all the layers but worth it, I think.

I actually like how all 3 turned out for different reasons. However I think I will continue with a combination of all of these and do a lightweight interfacing with batting on future bags...
What do you think? 
*all 3 bags are in the shop now :)


Becca said...

Hi Andrea, I love all of the bags! I especially love the fabric of number 3. Hope your week is going well.

andrea creates said...

thanks becca!

Lisa said...

Love the yellow... ♥

they are all so feminine without being too frilly... very vintage old-fashiony .... very sweet!

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