Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aw Crud ...Or an Impromptu Tip

From Wikipedia:im·promp·tu/imˈpräm(p)ˌt(y)o͞o/  Adjective: Done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed: "an impromptu press conference".

Also known as: 'when bad things happen to good projects'.
Or~'I guess I'll be keeping this one too' ;) lol.

I hate getting all the way to the end of a project only to find-the very last step has ruined everything-and hours of work :(


Yeah~ interfacing melted from the iron, onto the fabric. Hate when that happens. Remember my 'love/ hate relationship' with interfacing from a few posts back? This would be one of those reasons ;)

I'm actually sitting here pondering how not to write 'hate' three times in one blog post;)

I've scoured the internet to figure how to remove the glue. I've found that,and -after personal trial and error as well- placing a piece of (clean)fabric over the melted residue then placing the iron on top of that for a moment, will re-melt the glue enough that you can scrape some, if not all of it off. 

This time it doesn't seem to be working for me:0
I've also read about rubbing alcohol. I may try that if I have some on hand-and let you know how that works out. Otherwise, this one goes in my personal stash.
Do you have any tips to share on removing fusible interfacing?
Off to super clean the iron...


koralee said...

Oh no....I feel bad for you and I can't share a tip because I don't have one! Hope you find your answer soon my friend. xoxox

Lisa said...

what a bummer... so sorry!

What a cool fabric combo... perhaps you secretly wanted to keep that one? I alway give my mom my off shoots... she had "quite a stash"!

andrea creates said...

thanks girls :)
lol lisa~perhaps you're right! ;)

Kunklebaby said...

Blah! Sorry, no tips, but I feel your pain! Sometimes things just want to stay with us I guess. :D

Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

Oh no! Gosh! I was having a problem with a disappearing marker with marks that disappeared with a little water...and kept re-appearing! eeekkk This went on for a few rounds, I freaked, and found a few posts about it... well, one gave me an AHA! moment. They were talking about a fabric pen with an eraser, a chemical eraser. So I thought okay..a chemical to remove chemicals :) So I tried...Resolve carpet spray! Hey, if it's safe on carpet fibers. I spot cleaned. Gone, Andrea, gone! Yes, my stitching smelled like lovely carpet cleaner for a day, but the smell disappeared {thank goodness and of course I'll wash my pillow top when it ever gets done ;) So long comment short..have you tried a bit of carpet cleaner? :)

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