Monday, August 8, 2011

New Clutch~ a petite pattern review

Re: the last post~We managed to record and review the show a zillion times. taking pictures-laughing and being silly...Fun!

In other news, since the vacation, I've been slow to get back into my regular crafty routine ~and sometimes I find, following someone else's patterns helps....
I'd had some requests for custom bridesmaid clutches lately, using one of my own designs...and I thought I'd also try this one by keykalou.
I've bought a few of her patterns and enjoy using them. She allows you to sell items made from her patterns as long as you credit her ~here's one I made up over the last 2 days.

 a little inside pocket

No, it shouldn't normally take that long, I've just been taking my time and, like I said, slowly getting back into the routine of things...
Back to the pattern review:
  • I made the medium sized clutch version.
  • Here's what I did differently...
~The pattern calls for 2 layers of sew in interfacing and, or a layer of cotton canvas, low loft batting or fleece. I used fusible interfacing and added cotton batting. I just thought it would make the clutch a little more structured. It was a little more chunky to sew through, but I managed. I have a love hate relationship with interfacing as well. I'm not fond of 'sew in' necessarily, and fusible can be tricky. (*see"next time" notes below)
~I only used one magnetic snap. I think the clutch is small enough to get away with just one for this size.It may have said something about that in the pattern, as I did see a photo of one like that, I believe in her listing, but I didn't see it, and I'm bad at reading instructions ;)
~ I also cut out the darts-the little triangle shape to make the gusset. I feel it's a little easier to sew that way and a bit less bulky.
  • That's about it...
  • *Next time I will:
~Use no interfacing and just batting, possibly quilting the exterior? 
    ~Make the larger version.

Overall, I love this little bag, and the pattern is super easy to make a great project with. I have lots of ideas for future embellishments too :)

This one's off to the shop now!


Julie said...

Love this one. so. much!

andrea creates said...

thanks julie :)

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