Sunday, August 28, 2011

Serre Tete

 Serre Tete is the French word for headband.I like tight(serre) headbands myself, but these are just right-not too tight, not too loose.

My daughter wants to add something to the/my/her own(?) shop. She's a great little artist and I'm really tempted to sell prints of her work... She did a self portrait the other day that looks exactly like her!
I love to draw, but realistic is definitely not my forte.

Anyway, she decided that for now, headbands would make a good project to work on, they seem to be popular too. I told her to help me pick and choose some fabrics, trims and buttons ~along with the felt we shared in the last post,we'd put them together together ~and we'd give her the 'profits' 
 from the sale.

What do you think?


Christie Cottage said...

Cute headband.

I have a basket full of brand new stretch bands that I need to do something with!


fernandflora said...

Aww. These are darling. You know I love a good headband. :) That girl has talent! I love how you're working together to create pretty things...

rebekah said...

Beautiful headband... I love the printed fabric with the writing... gorgeous!

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