Monday, September 12, 2011

It Was My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. 
I never know what to post about-no words seem enough.
Talking about a birthday on 9-11 doesn't seem right.

Just thoughts and prayers for peace.


Christie Cottage said...

Happy belated Birthday!


affectioknit said...

It was my Daddy's birthday to! Happy Birthday to you! Have a lovely day!

silly old suitcase said...

Hope you had a nice day and congratulations!!!
Just celebrate life on a day like that!

big hug for you.

McMaster and Storm said...

Happy Birthday! I know someone's anniversary on this day as well. I understand that you feel funny writing about your birthday on "that day"--but, I'm sending you wonderful wishes for your year ahead.


andrea creates said...

thanks everyone :)

Martina said...

Happy belated Birthday wishes Andrea! You deserve to be celebrated properly none the less, and here we go: Champagne, cupcakes, cake-bunting and a little firework, all for you!

Happybee said...

hope you've had a nice day!!!

Helmitarha said...

Happy birthday Andrea! It was my birthday too. And I know exactly how you feel.

Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

Oh goodness! Happy very belated birthday! :)

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